Frequently Asked Questions

How long will delivery take?

Melbourne delivery, pending availability, is within 2-3 working days unless installation is requested at the same time; then we will schedule an installation date.

Do your products and services include a warranty?

We provide a 6-year warranty on installation.
The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on an air conditioner when supplied and installed into a domestic residence.
The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on an air conditioner when supplied and installed into commercial premises.

Can I return my purchase if I change my mind?

Returns are only made available if a box has NOT been opened. No returns after 3 days.

How do i know what size I need?

Best way to measure your size is via our online sizing calculator.

Please note: It is vital for best performance not to purchase or have installed an undersized air conditioner. A typical bedroom (i.e. a 4mx4m bedroom would have a 2-2.5kW unit installed, however in some instances a larger unit split system airconditioner will be required)

What is the best Brand?

There is no clear cut answer to this, however in saying that we prefer to talk about reputable brands. All Brands represented on this site are of a quality we would have in our own homes. The rule of thumb is, if you are happy with a particular brand, keep going with it until your not or want to try something new.

How much should I spend? (i.e. is it worth the price difference in brands)

(Yes and No.) Like in what are the best brands, it is a personal choice. Different Brands attract different cost because of where they position themselves in the marketplace. However in saying this, different brands also have some different features and options. If you are the type of person whom wants a Mercedes, the best luxury has to offer, then you will want a unit at the upper end of the scale, however if you don’t mind driving around in a new Ford or Holden, no problems. Both options get you from Departure point A to Destination B (i.e. they will both heat and cool your home’s area they are installed in if sized right).

How noisy are they?

Once again, different brands have different dB ratings. This could be a reason for cost difference. On all inverter air conditioners there is a modulation of the compressor (outdoor unit) which have a classification of Hi and Lo dB rating. (All dB’s are conducted at test point of 1 Meter away from unit)

Let’s get something straight. It’s a machine, it will make noise.

Please check the manufacturers specifications within their manuals (downloadable from the manuals page).